Two Hats and a Schmuck: Kekoa, Mo, and Joe

The primary goal of Reconstruction is to establish unity within the United States of America in which both sides can coexist along with colored people. Civil Rights shall be attended to and ensured amongst everyone. Reunification is key; for what is a nation if tattered in pieces. We must reunite without focusing on the past, yet instead commit to the future. There shall be no punishments for those that come willingly. We shall restore this amazing nation under the grace of God. How you ask? Well here is what we propose:

2. Due to the tense conditions and relations between the north and the south, the Ex-Confederates should receive as little punishment as possible. They should be protected in their civil rights but their military authority will be stripped away from them and northern Union generals and soldiers shall be their superiors (Superiority amongst Northern and Southern military leaders is no different than superiority amongst masters and slaves, no?). This way they will have less control in there military ordeals should they choose to retaliate against blacks or take back control. (This is how African American slaves were kept in a position of helplessness, their power was taken away should they choose to retaliate against whites and long for racial equality.) Norther union officers will also be put in populous southern cities in order to in a small way police the Ex-Confedrates in a way they see fit in order to protect blacks from terrorist trying to retaliate (Terrorists, as in the Southerners you are proposing a treaty with?). However the ex-confederates can slowly regain their status and authority in their military positions, on The condition that the northern union officers in charge of maintaining order in the south see that the ex-confederates haven't committed any offenses or acts of terrorism. The ex-confederates will be slightly promoted for each act of "goodness", meaning they haven't committed regular offenses or acts of terrorism (The Ex-Confederates are being rewarded for acting in accordance to what? Is there not a written agreement, a law, that determines whether an act is associated with "goodness" or "badness"?). This will be a sort of weak military dictatorship, but on a much smaller scale (A word frequently associated with America is democracy. The definition of a democracy is a government by the people. Quite the contradiction to a dictatorship.) The confederate generals and major military officers will be separated from each other, in order to weaken their power and maintain control. Although the south may disagree and may clash with the northers, they will be forced to obey, and if they choose not to, they shall have to go through the northern military authority (Go through them? Exactly what consequences are entailed?) in charge of policing them and preventing acts of terrorism and to protect the blacks. This shall be in effect (This? Exactly what will be in effect? "Going through" the northern military authority?) until the northern officers see blacks being slowly accepted into southern society and when they are seeing less and less hate crimes being committed, they shall slowly pull these officers, in small groups, out. (Pull them out of what?)

3. Concerning the newly freed black slaves they will regain complete civil rights, but not altogether. When the northern officers, that are to be put in the case (Put in the case? What does that refer to?) of policing the southern ex-confederates, see progress being made, meaning less and less acts of hate crimes and assimilation of blacks into southern society, the blacks will be granted rights, but slowly and gradually over an extended period of time, this way southern confederates won't feel completely conquered and feel as though blacks are taking over (Is it impossible for the opposed Southerners to continue their hate crimes and rebel against integration, therefore creating a barrier of segregation?). Also the south will become more and more industrialized and the government will grant contracts (With what funds?) with those willing to build factories, then blacks will be employed here, given minimum wage and they will have less and less contact with whites while the racial tension settles (Is this not another way of writing segregation?). In effect, the economy will be restored, and blacks can be employed in a safe preserved way, and they will be slowly accepted into southern society. Also, women will be granted suffrage once all Civil War Amendments are ratified. This shall sway woman to persuade their counterparts (Women had very little persuasion over their spouses, hence the fight toward Women's Rights.) to vote in favor of black rights or be forever nagged by their spouses.

4. Primarily anyone can run office. There aren’t any restrictions on that. Freedom to vote for whomever you wish is absolutely ok. The south will just have to learn to deal with whoever is elected, black or white. We can’t ever let the extralegal KKK personnel drive the law into their favor. The United States of America does not negotiate with terrorists and therefore both black and white in the south will just have to suffer through. Southern terror can't have the idea that they won this reconstruction time in their head. Consider it a punishment. The law is not there's unless they are able to muster enough to vote it that way. If a black man is sent to congress, fine. If an ex confederate nazi, satan worshipping, demon spawn is sent to congress, fine. They got the votes. Caught KKK, White League, etc. members shall be banned from running for any office or voting.(How will it be determined that a person is a member of the KKK? Many officials were members but were never caught. Also, if an ex-Confederate leader was elected, how would it be ensured that they would not reinstate any laws that would go against the abolishment of slavery. If your main goal is reunification, then why implement something that could be seen as a punishment? However the idea of equality would please the African American population greatly as well as any abolitionists.)

5. As for state’s rights, our group has undergone deep thought and quite frankly, we have met a general consensus on the subject. They must absolutely ratify the 13th, 14th and 15th amendment along with a 20% vote just because, and enforce those laws with their own police force manned by both blacks and whites mainly for the protection of Black rights or face military intervention. The idea behind this is to incorporate black people into a position where they themselves can protect their own rights by force if necessary. However in order to soften the southern outrage is with the idea of dog-eat-dog. With this position of power, freedmen are clearly free to gun someone down who presents a threat to them except they the law on their side. (Ratification is a good idea but there needs to be more evidence supporting why a 20% vote will be ideal. The integration of both races into the police force is a good safety measure however, it would not guarantee that African Americans would be protected. Remember, if a person in power was to be offended, then the corruption in the South could overturn what would be considered fair in the eyes of the federal government.)

6. The Southern economy shall be restored through the founding of factories in key cities previously destroyed such as Atlanta and cities not destroyed such as Charleston, New Orleans and others. (where will the funding for these factories come from?) This shall stimulate both economic revenue and the opportunity for poor Southern farmers to rise. The factories shall be ran by those who are willing and may include black workers under the condition that they are paid and their Civil Rights are recognized.(how are you going to make sure this happens?) A campaign shall be held in which either A) Northerners or B)paid Southerners are sent to either spread mass propaganda about the good in factories or hold speeches and gatherings to inform the Southern poor farmers of why factories would benefit the poor Southern class through capitalism. (good idea) The establishment of banks shall also be introduced in cities to create a revenue consistent with the North that will be able to give out loans for capitalists. We also call for a stronger port life in the South that will benefit the national economy as well as the newly established capitalistic South.

7. Union troops will be stationed in the South after a made up attack on a US ship by Mexico. This "attack" will lease the perfect guise for Union troops in the South who will also oversee the keeping of the peace in the South. No real war with Mexico should be started (unless provoked), yet it will help to bind the nation against a common enemy in fear. The Union troops shall play no political role other than ensuring that blacks are not harassed while voting.(Original and creative idea, but couldn't creating a fake attack cause even more distrust and disunion between the north and south if the south was to find out that the attack was a lie?)

We hereby declare this to be our plan of action in our duty to unify the nation as a whole; thus hoping it proves to be pretty.. wizard.

Alex: Blue
Madison: Pink