Team Nacho Cheese Penguinz: Andrew, Gemma, Isabel, and Andres

1. The Plan: A ten year process with key programs added at checkpoints throughout years two, seven, and ten. While the goals will all be met by the checkpoint at year ten, this will be an ongoing struggle and therefore the drive toward equality incorporated at the students is not set to expire. The program will affect both whites and blacks, North and South, equally so no discrimination is present. Our main reason for this is that racism still lingers strongly in the North, while slavery may be condemned, equality is not encouraged. All Juveniles (under 18) will have the plan incorporated into school procedure, meaning a set time period of one(1) hour and thirty(30) minutes will be allotted after their usual Arithmetic, English etc, home schooled children will be required to attend. All adults (over 21) will need to present themselves at a designated government building for a duration of sixteen(16) months for a period of one(1) hour and thirty(30) minutes three(3) times a week at the flexible dates provided by the teachers. Teachers will have to attend a two(2) month seminar preaching the new mentality, they will have been preselected for open-mindedness so only naturally they will be targeted from the North but if possible a Southerner is preferred. This is an overall good plan, I like how you are enforcing education on the freedmen. However, what do you plan to do if 10 years is not enough time to fix everything? It is very likely, even with this plan, that the ex-confederates will still feel prejudice against the freedmen no matter what laws you make to try to improve the relationship. Organizations such as the KKK are just going to change their opinion in 10 years. nachos-debriefing-2010-2011.jpg

What will be taught : Just as in Germany after WWII, revealing evidence of the horrors committed is expected to serve as an eye opener. Photographs will serve as our primary source and are intended to shock. The adult class, due to shorter duration, will focus primarily on barbarities committed and first hand exposure to the injustices felt by the colored people. To effectively manage pathos questions will be left for the adults to reflect upon such as “Can they not love like you or feel pain like you?” The teacher may freely incorporate passion to successfully transmit message. The main point directed at the adult group is to the expose the full extent of the offenses. With the young generation another method is preferred, the program will be intertwined with education and the teacher will slowly push forth ideals of equality. With reasoning they will show that all humans are equal and obliterate any preconceived ideas. That is a very good idea to teach equality to the younger generation in order to improve judgements in the years to come.

Steps : Two(2) year checkmark: raise minimum wage to 7 cents minimum Seven(7) year checkmark: Multi-Racial Schools, Suffrage for all educated freedmen. Ten(10) year checkmark : All have the ability to hold office, Suffrage for all Black freedmen.

2. Our plan for the ex confederates is simple. I must first say that the ex confederates have nothing to worry about. None of their leaders will be executed and every single ex confederate will keep their right to vote. What we are aiming to do is to educate their children. By doing this the children will learn why slavery is wrong and will learn how to treat “EVERYONE” with respect. The education will take place throughout the different grades. As soon as the youth move on to a university, they will be attending adult seminars. Now back to the children. The white children shall first attend integrated schools but with segregated classrooms. Therefore the white children will gradually get used to having back children in their schools. As long as no harm is brought upon any black citizen no harm will be done to any ex confederate. I can assure you that we will not openly harm any ex confederate in any way. Integrated schools sound like a good idea, but what about the parents that do not want their children associating with the black children? This would only work if every school was integrated so that they would have no choice. Also, pushing equality on the freedmen and ex-confederates so soon may not be the best idea. There should be a more gradual approach to this.

3. The freedmen will gain respect and equality in the duration of our program. As our plan is put into action, freedmen will gradually be given civil rights. In our program, freedmen will be able to own land. The land that they could own would either be bought from the government (achieved from large plantation owners who willingly sold their property to the government in order to afford the property tax) or obtained from purchasing the cheap land in the west.

Freedmen will be able to work and be assured equal rights as the whites. Labor Codes will also be bestowed to the freedmen to act as protection and reassurance of justice in their work environment. Equal minimum wage (5 cents an hour) will be included in the Labor Codes as well as the security for nonviolence towards any workers.

Education will be allowed to freedmen. Within an integrated schoolhouse, the classrooms would be segregated in order to gradually accustom and enforce the idea of equality to the students. At the 7 year checkmark, the educated freedmen will gain full suffrage and universal suffrage will be rewarded at the 10 year checkmark of our program.

4. Suffrage will be given to educated freedmen in the 7 year checkmark, assuring that there would not be any illiterate voters. At the 10 year checkmark, universal suffrage will be rewarded, assuming that the voters would now be literate

In the new Southern state governments, anyone over the age of 30 and who completed the required interracial equality education as well as basic education would eventually be able to hold office after our program is completed. The goal of our plan is to have equal acceptance, so white men will be able to hold office as well as freedmen in the 10 year checkmark of our program after been properly educated in basic knowledge as well as the interracial equality lectures included in our program.

5. The states will be granted full rights and representation from the initiation, given that they accept the entirety of our program. In addition Terms and Conditions must be agreed upon, they will include 1) No hindering the progress of the plan 2) No further violation of the Basic Rights of Black people 3)No advancement of the racist mentality 4)Agreement to our Labor Code. The Labor Code will consist of a minimum wage of five(5) cents an hour and the prohibition of the usage of physical violence against the laborers. It is critical for us to introduce these Terms and Conditions if we choose to grant full rights and representation in government because of their ability to introduce legislature that assaults the infrastructure of our program. The eventual destination of the plan itself is to create a South thatdoesn't wish to battle equality in the first place, but until them these protections are necessary if we wish our plan to prosper. We expect the South to meet these demands, failure to agree to these requisites equals the execution of the program by force and the further loss of full rights and representation in government, this is an unfortunate end that no one desires, peaceful negotiations are encouraged and preferred. I agree with you, however, racist mentality can never be guaranteed to disappear, therefore there is no avoiding the fact that voting will most likely be prejudiced if freedmen are granted full rights and representation in government. This will also infuriate the ex-confederates.

6. Our economic plan focuses on the restoration of a new but still agrarian South. We plan to repair the South by instilling its walls and foundation with democratic freedom and restore its landscape. We will do this by proposing a property tax and labor codes for both blacks and whites. The property tax will be collected yearly, on a fair rate determined by how much land is owned. If the property tax is too much for a large plantation owner, he will be encouraged to sell as much acreage as he wishes to the government by incentive. The land assumed by the government can be bought by other citizen, and if a black man wishes to own the land, he may be given the deed on credit with a definite repayment schedule. If a black man cannot obtain land, due to the Homestead Act there is plenty of cheap land out west. Blacks may work as sharecroppers, and at local businesses. Labor Codes for both black and white men shall be enforced immediately to insure a minimum wage and fair working conditions. Slaves were the basis of southern agriculture, and now that they are gone, the south is facing a huge economic crisis. How are you going to help the agricultural south get back into action?

8. Metaphorically speaking this plan will be another American Revolution, not a French Revolution. Gradual steps will be taken to ensure tranquility and avoid the chaos of radical maneuvers. We will not battle the people, but rather work with and along side them to achieve a common goal of acceptance. However, this will only occur after the designated time has elapsed, opening way for a rebirth, a renaissance. Our system will be to Attack the root of the problem rather than the effects.