Team No Name: Eva, Rafael, and Celeste
What is the primary goal of reconstruction? Reunification, punishment, civil rights, other?
The main goal of our plan is to reunify our country; in a way where all will be happy with what is being done. Immediate happiness is not guaranteed but in the long run our plan will ensure each a commnity their own. A place were white southerners would live happy and black freedmen would also live happily just as any other American. This place would be in the middle states, where the people are indifferent to the civil war. All who want a better and more prosperous life would chose to move here, nobody would be forced. Blacks who want to grow economically as an individual and as a state will not need to be forced because they will see it’s for their own benefit. This would give southerners a chance to employee their poorer white farmers. We need to get use to the fact that blacks are equal and they do have rights just as the white southerners.

I definitely like what you said about focusing on the long run! I'm a little confused about what kind of "place" you're talking about... I don't really understand the concept. But definitely like the part about equality with all. How would you enforce this? People still might not follow it, even if it's the law, unfortunately. I like the economical growth within individuals, and the idea for southerners to employ poor white farmers.

What should be done to the ex-Confederates?
Our goal is to enforce the safety of the free black man. If ex-confederates continue to terrorize the black freedmen there will be punishment. The ex-confederates should be watched closely so that they can not commit any hateful crimes against the freedmen. All who commit evil acts or threaten the black freedmen should be punished and possibly go to jail. It’s not fair that just because they are black, they are looked down at and are treated with extremely injustice. As long as the south can prove themselves by being civil towards the freedmen they will not be badly affected by our plan.

Safety is definitely a major aspect in reuniting! That is one of the things that America did the worst of post-civil war, so I'm glad you recognized and included this.

What should be done for the freedmen?
The plan is to give freedmen the opportunity to move to the middle states. Though we do believe all freedmen will want to move because they will have the opportunity of a new life and an opportunity to prosper. They will be given land to grow economically and become their own man. We also plan to give them the opportunity to get educated in order for them to become good citizens. After some years of this, our plan is to build a railroad in order for the freedmen to come and go as they please to the middle states. Mainly it is for the freed blacks to live a life of his own, however, it will also serve to encourage and make trade easier with other states. This will be a place for any freedmen who want to live a happy and safe, it will be a place where they will be treated just like any other white man and most importantly there will be no discrimination tolerated. Our hope is that we will be able to move and go forward with our plan and leave behind the horrific reality that was once the south.

I'm glad there's so much focus on economical growth! Again, though, I'm having a hard time understanding what kind of a place you're talking about; would people go to another new part of the country? How would people know to do this?

Who should be able to vote and hold office in the new Southern state governments? no-name-debriefing-2010-2011.jpg
We would ask the south to appoint new leaders. The old confederate leaders would not be allowed to hold office simply because the south did lose the war and they have proved to be unable to go untamed. The old confederate leaders symbolize the past and it is time to start new. The south will be a renewed land; with new leaders, voting rights for all, and a predominantly white community. Voting rights will not be taken away from any of the southern residents and though the old confederate leaders will not be allowed admission into state government, the south will be able to appoint new leaders. The southern society will be one of farmers, freed men, and a fresh start.

Good idea on appointing new leaders! I like this section.

What requirements must be met before states regain full rights and representation?
Before any state can gain full representation and rights they must ratify the 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments. With this, they would agree to the black community is a freed race. We would also impose union troops in the South until the railroads are complete and the freed blacks are no longer a part of the southern community. Any form of rebellion will be punishable by refusal of representation. Overall the south must agree to the amendments of the north and the laws of reconstruction. The south did lose the war and they need to compromise until we are able to give them a land of their own.

The amendments idea is good. However, how would you really enforce them? People still had strong opinions against africans americans at this time.

How should the Southern economy be restored?
The south should continue on what they know best which is growing endless amounts of cotton. As time goes on they won’t have slavery to help them with the economy so, overtime they’ll get use to slavery no longer being part of their culture. Primarily because the black population will be moving to the middle states and become farmers of their own. Now, this will be happening in the long term after an accumulation of taxes. The federal government will help build a southern-continental railroad, which will produce trade with the North, other foreign countries that are directly east from where they live, and the western part of the United States, including countries such as Mexico and Canada. We are implementing the American system that will help the North expand to new territories of trade and economical growth, while ensuring civil rights for blacks. What we are trying to emphasize is that the south will be able to venture into other forms of expansion through trade with their surroundings and farming with their own.

Good section! I like the emphasis on expansion through trade. :)

What role should Union troops play in policing, governing, or rebuilding the South?
It is demoralizing to humanity that white Supremes’ are creating organizations meant to strike fear into the black population of the deep South. We propose to have union troops in the major cities of the South where they will be able to limit the amount of abuse, mutilation, lynching, and other fear tactics used to control the blacks of the south. The troops are the eyes of the federal government; therefore they will help to inform the officials in Washington on any calamity in the south. These men are to protect the innocent black civilians left in the south from any white supreme organizations.

GOOD IDEAS. I'm glad you're recognizing the need for safety for blacks! :)

Re-state the primary goal of reconstruction.
Overall, our plan is to subdue the bitterness between whites and blacks by giving blacks the opportunity to move closer to the western part of the Union where they will be able to live a self-fulfilling life. This will depreciate the animosity between the north and the south by separating both from the supposed enemy and granting each side a life of their own so that the Union can once again become whole. There will be no increase in taxes; the economy will grow in the North, farmers will thrive in the south, and the black community will be able to experience a new age where freedom is gained and life is granted.

Overall, great job! It was a little unclear exactly what plans you were trying to express, but altogether, you had great ideas that I really think would work in reconstructing the south. The only advise I would give would be to expand a little more on your plan ideas, giving more attention to details, instead of just giving broad and general ideas. :)