Group La Smores: Sobeida, James, and Kayla


4. Who should be able to vote and hold office in the new southern state government?

First is first, for those who want to have any part of electing government officials or becoming one, must pledge allegiances to the United Sates. So that gives those who pledge for the US the privilege to vote for the leader they want to have and, even become one of those leaders themselves. Anybody who refuses to pledge for the U.S. can’t be a part of congress or choose their leader. Lastly, we believe that we can’t have the blacks go into office because it could cause more chaos with the ones who originally didn’t like them and it would be too soon. Yes, we won the war, but we can’t have the blacks be part of office because all it would do is make the south angry with us again. Does that mean you'll allow ex-Confederates to run for office and possibly stir up the government? And if the war was fought to free slaves and give them equality, shouldn't they be able to hold office at some point? By never allowing them to hold office you're basically giving the South the victory.

5. What requirements must be met before states regain full rights and representations?

In order for the rebelled states to regain their rights and have representation of their state is to follow our laws. And for those who refuse, can’t be part of our country. They must pass the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments. The most important part would be that the Southern states' leading officials all have to pledge allegiances to the union then and only then can they be readmitted to the Union. If the leading officials are elected by the population, wouldn't that mean that the majority of them would have the same Confederate beliefs that the Southerners do? How do you ensure that the states and their officials have Union policies in mind?

6. In order to restore the South's economy we will need the south to be on our side. lasmores-debriefing-2010-2011.jpg

The south has been trying to become part of our country and as long as they do what we tell them to do we can provide factories that will slowly re-boost their economy. Factories will require employees and since slaves are free any person can obtain a job not just blacks. With people working money will slowly start to flow in the south. Since we do want to increase their economy we have decided that taxes will be reduced until the south has been able to re-boost.

7. We think that union solders shouldn't play a big role in anything having to do with the south.

There should be a few solders but not too many. If there is a big number of soldiers in the south it will only anger the south. We think that large number of soldiers should only be deployed to places where opposition is greatest. What about groups like the KKK? Violence is occurring throughout the South, so how is it prevented?