Kissin' Cousins

1) What is the primary goal of reconstruction?

The primary goal of reconstruction is to reunify the union. We fought the war to keep the South a part of the United States of
America, and united we must be.

2) What should be done with the ex-Confederates?

The ex-confederates should be treated just as any other southern citizen, however ex-confederates will not have the right
to be a southern delegate. The ex-confederates in office must be removed and be replaced with different delegates. Who would be better delegates for the positions? Do the ex-confederates really deserve every other right after all of the trouble they have caused? What about voting?

3) What should be done for the freedmen?

During this sensitive and tense time, the future of the country depends on the reunification of the South. The most touchykissin-cousins-debriefing-2010-2011.jpg
subject is the issue of freedmen and what role they should play in society. The South needs time to adjust to blacks
being equal to whites. Therefore we have devised a legitimate 5-year plan which consists of a gradual mandate giving
freedmen more and more rights until they have the equal right to vote, play a political role, and will be accepted
by all, North and South, as an American, with all the rights of an American, not a former slave. 5 years may not be enough time for the southerners to accept the African Americans as equals. They have believed them to be inferior for hundreds of years. If southerners acquiesce to allow freedmen to gain the right to be recognized and respected by the Union and her states, the same recognition will be extended to the formerly Confederate south; the sanctity of southern life will depend greatly on the social freedom of these now African Americans. In addition, the federal government will offer a trans-continental ride on the new Pacific Railroad to transport all willing freemen to western territories such as California.This is a very good idea! However, will there be many willing to leave. Although they have been mistreated, the south is their home as well and they might not be so ready to leave their way of life to start a new society out west.

4) Who should be able to vote and hold office in new Southern State governments?

Southerners will hold the power in the state government, however, they will have to give an oath to better the United States
by accepting the 5-year plan and vouching to preserve it. This might be difficult, as they've had their Southern beliefs all of their lives. If violated the delegate will be removed and replace by the federal government. Ex-confederates will not have privilege of holding office for their previous involvment in the Confederacy might lead them to act in spite of the war. All southerners will have the right to vote unless they disobey any part of the 5-year plan. Is 5 years long enough for the Southerners to let go of their life-long beliefs? If the 5-year plan is violated you will be put on a probational period and if violated twice you will lose the right to vote, and if violated thrice or more you will be detained by the state or federal government. How can you find out if they've violated the plan? What will the Freedmen be allowed to do? If they are allowed to vote and hold office, how will they be protected?

5) What requirements must be met before states regain full rights and representation?

For the formerly Confederate states to gain full rights and representation within the United States they must effectively abide by the Five Years plan. Firstly. the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments must be active and recognized by the southern legislatures, justice system, and other various institutions. Secondly, the freedmen must retain relative social equality in terms of education, housing, voting, employment, and commercial opportunities. How can you make sure the South follows through on providing that equality and protecting them? If either of these stipulations are not in place by the end of the five year period then the South will not regain full representation within the United States government.

6) How should the Southern Economy be restored?

The Southern economy depends greatly upon the survival of it's agricultural industry. Farming should resume immediately; even though they will not be obligated, the freedmen will likely resume many of the tasks that they preformed as slaves. However to ensure that our five year goal is achieved and freedmen are insured proper social equality; a minimum wage will be set in order to allow for stable growth of the freedman as a thriving American citizen. Along with these implementations there will be citizens employed by the government to restore the physicality of the south (i.e. workable farmland, housing, commercial buildings,..etc.)

7) What role should Union troops play in policing, governing, or rebuilding the South?

The presence of Union troops in the South will depend completely on how effectively the South adheres to the stipulations of the Five Years Plan. Stationarity of Union troops in the south will exist for some time in moderation unless violation of the Five Years Plan makes a surge a troops necessary. How can you prevent groups like the KKK if the Union troops are not actively stationed in the South? Mutualism between freedmen and Southerners will not only maintain moderate troop levels but will insure that harsher action against the South will not be needed. If the Southerners have believed that African Americans were lower than them all through their lives, won't it be difficult for them to adhere to the mutualistic belief?

8) Re-state primary goal of reconstruction. (Thesis re-stated)

The Primary goal of reconstruction is to repair the South after the damage caused to it by the civil war and two centuries of slavery. The ultimate goal is economic, social, and political stability, which will of course require that the freedmen and the whites are (in the eyes of the government and the law) are potentially economically, commercially, and politically the same. Over the course of these next five years the United States and her leaders will take the steps necessary to ensure this equality will eventually exist.