Team Joanna and the Awesomes: Isabel, Taylor, and Joanna

Joanna, taylor, isabelle

1.What is the primary goal of reconstruction? Reunification, punishment, civil rights, other? (Thesis).
The primary goal of reconstruction is to reunite a country that was plagued by civil war. Yet, this is not to say the south will be allowed into the union with next to no punishment, the south will only be admitted to the union under certain circumstances. Civil rights are on our minds but we know that progress will be slow, it will not take one year nor five but we cannot give up the hope of one day living in a bi-racial democracy. (good thesis, it is smart to slowly integrate a bi-racial, equal society in a society that has been racist and segregated)

2.What do we do with the ex-confederates?

What we do with the ex-confederates is an issue that is difficult to navigate, but we decided that by punishing them too harshly, it would be detrimental to the South. First of all, we cannot completely trust the North to institute a successful government for the South because a) they have no experience with dealing with the problems that commonly arise in the south b)Republican representatives and delegates attempting to steer the government in a direction that the people deplore will not help the cause of reunification and will create a deeper chasm between the North and the South than there had been even after the war. So the ex-confederates that own more than 40 acres of land will give two acres of the land up to the state. Each acre that the state collects from them will be distributed among the African-American families(one acre for each family) in order for them to establish a ground from which they will be able to sustain their family as well as contribute to the economy and the community. Ex-confederates will also have to wait a year to vote. Considering the fact that the majority of people running for office in the South are fairly well-off white men, if they wish to run, they will have to wait a year and when that year has ended, they will have to pay 10% of a year’s salary. If they wish to avoid this tax, they will have to wait 2 years to run. It is unrealistic and unfair to deprive the southern people of their best politicians and military leaders and substitute them with mediocre imitations because they were on the wrong side of the war. (will many of these previously prominenent southern leaders feel like they are being treated unfairly and cheated out of power in their own country? will they not want to run? what is the point in waiting for so long?)joanna-debriefing-2010-2011.jpg
3.What do we do with the Freedmen?
This is also an issue of great importance to us, but as we stated before, reunification of the North and South is our priority, and by forcing the racist ex-slave owners to accept those that they considered to be inferior to themselves as equals will create astronomical conflict. It will be an unsafe and uncomfortable situation for everyone involved. We propose that, of course, the states that want to be readmitted into the Union must accept the 13th amendment and grant black people partial citizenship. They will be recognized as citizens of the united states with all of the rights of white male citizens, except the right to vote or run for office in the South. This will eliminate the stress of the ex-slave owners regarding politics because they won’t have to worry about African-Americans running the government or becoming what they perceive to be corrupt and inept political figures, and will gradually wean them off of their racist ideals and violent behaviors towards blacks. New civil rights will be given to black people gradually, year by year, so that a sort of trust is built between the different races. This is not only good for the whites, but because they are less rambunctious and worked up of black voting rights, black people will most likely have to worry less about being attacked, and might even help avoid the establishment of the KKK and other racist organizations altogether. ( this is a good plan to slowly integrate the rights for the freedmen. the only problem i feel would arise is the freedmen becoming angry that they have fought for nothing seeing no immediate results or complete freedom)
4. Who should be able to vote and hold office in the new Southern state governments?

To ease the ongoing tension in the South, ex-Confederates must be allowed to fully participate in their state governments. To balance out the need for a safety precaution as well as equal participation, half of the new Southern state governments should consist of Republicans and the other half Democrats. Both the Democrats and Republicans will be able to vote although the ex-Confederates who would like to hold office must wait at least a year until they decide to do so (how will one year change their views? maybe they should be put through a class?). In addition, to take part in the newly remodeled governments in the South, everyone must take an oath to act civilized towards one another or else they will not be able to partake in them. The Republicans and Democrats must find a medium where all abide by the same regulations.

5. What requirements must be met before states regain full rights and representation?

Before states regain full rights and representation, requirements that must be met include the ratification of the thirteenth and fourteenth amendments. In addition, women's rights must be addressed regarding their suffrage. If the women of the North and South are given their right to vote before the newer citizens of America, perhaps the women from the two regions will create a front against the uncooperative men who are oppressing the freedmen. (Because women gained rights after freedmen, it shows that men didn't really care what they had to say... doubtful that they would have been able to change mens minds) It will take baby steps before the South will buy into the reconstruction plans for their communities; therefore, if the South can agree on the thirteenth and fourteenth amendments to be reinstated back into the Union, it won't be long before th South will agree upon the freedmen's suffrage too.

6. How should the Southern economy be restored? The southern economy will be restored by means of building railroads connecting to the northern side of the country, and the south will begin to grow more tropical ( non-cotton) produce and the north will buy it allowing the southern economy to prosper There will be an immense presence of agricultural for it has always been the norm for the southerners. Ultimately, the United States government will do their best at helping the south with the limited amount of money they have. (The land has been overused by cotton and tobacco- maybe it would be a good idea to base the Southern economy on factories? That way there is more job competition and less need for really cheap labor- that is the reason for slavery, cheap/ free labor to farm the land).

7 .What role should Union troops play in policing, governing, or rebuilding the South?
As our primary goal of reconstruction is to be united, we understand that there will be outstanding tension in the south if there is a strong presence of union soldiers yet we cannot enforce the laws of this formerly war torn America without military personnel. Troops will be placed strategically, if there is more violence in one area, the troops will be deployed to that area. Let it be known, union troops will be most active at night for that is when most violent incidents occur. The union soldiers will strive to keep the peace amongst African Americans and Whites. Rest assured, the union troops will being following rules as well, they must take no part in stealing, unlawfully searching a home, among other things. They are advised to not use excessive force against the southerners. The southerners will be treated with the utmost equal treatment and soldiers have orders to bother them no more than they really need to. Once the government feels everything is under control and feel that the south is capable of living more peacefully with no military occupation, troops will slowly be removed. The south must prove that they are capable of coexisting with African Americans. Perhaps most importantly, the union troops will have absolutely ZERO tolerance for the pointy-hat wearing cowards otherwise known as the KKK. Anyone who is seen wearing such attire will be dealt with accordingly( excessive force will be used!)(Besides keeping peace, are there any other jobs that the Union troops could do to rebuil the south?)

8.We understand that the our country will need time to heal, but we vow to reunite the nation in the best way possible, and we vow to assure the people of the United States of America that this war was not fought in vain. Our hope is that one day Americans will not see blacks as former slaves but rather as equal people.(Expand more on the primary goal of reconstruction and how you are going to achieve that and why it is the most important)