After a tedious, bloody, and gruesome battle, between brothers, regions, and a country, it is time to come together to re-unify. We must leave our past predicament behind us and look to the future; a future bright, glistening with brotherly love and optimism. We must embrace our neighbor regardless of the color of their skin and walk hand in hand into the future, where civil war is never an option. We must take steps to a better tomorrow by beginning the phase of reconstruction. We must embrace the reason that this war was fought. We must hold fast to those reasons: state rights, civil rights, secession and slavery. We must take hold of the new America, re-unify and embrace our colored neighbors.(a lot of "we must" but how? what is the primary goal of reconstruction and other important issues?, it will be very hard for these whites to embrace their colored neighbors)
In order to keep order and live by the new requirements we believe that ex-confederates may not be in office. By allowing them to once again be in office we are proving that the was was futile; we must take steps to confirm the goals of the war by bringing justice to all citizens. The South has tried to secede, which violates the constitution, and have proven to be uncooperative with accepting Negros as citizens of their states, which violates principles of ethical humanity.(the war is over and the South is economically weak. why punish the ex-confederates? they lost the war and they know it. what good does it do to rub it in their faces?) We already know what the Confederates are capable of; they have already had their chance to prove themselves loyal to the Union. For this, Northerners must come help produce the Southerners new way of government: democracy. Northerners will get the wheels turning for this withered wagon. We do not think it equitable to allow Negros hold office, while ex-confederates can't; therefore the North must take the reins and yank the South into Northern rule and policing(this is good). We acknowledge that this was has brought much emotion and violence, and for that ex-confederates will not be able to hold office, but their next generation will have the privilege for running for the ballots. The tensions are too dominant in this generation and emotions too over whelming to let ex-confederates come into office and try to take revenge on the Union. Northerners must work and lead the South to keep the peace of the Nation.(restricting the Confederates too much may result in rebellion and anger among them. be careful in how many rights you take away from them)gingers-dpaine-debriefing-2010-2011.jpg
Freedmen have finally obtained justice and have started to be viewed by society as citizens instead of products and ownership of the South, and it is our duty to make sure the war wasn't fought in vain(do the southerners still view them this way?). But we believe these new freedmen should have a choice to start their own civilization or to start their new life in the lands that once imprisoned them. They should have the choice to board the Northern railroad to live in the Oregon Territory, travel to Texas, or continue living in the South. Since the Oregon Territory only has three electoral votes, it is not a very populated state. It serves as a perfect place to start ones life and create their own government, economy, and society. Or they may go to Texas; there will be a railroad project started in the South and if the blacks had not yet decided whether to stay in in the South or go to the Oregon Territory, when the railroad project is done they may move to Texas on the new railroad.(in order for unity and full equality to be present, the blending of all races is vital. may be a bad idea to give the blacks the freedom to create their own society, it would, in a way separate the country) Yet if they would prefer to stay in the South because they are loyal to their homeland and don't want to leave their homes they've lived in since birth, they may. Freedmen must be accepted as citizens, and, like the confederates, will be able to vote. But neither confederates nor freedmen would be able to run for office until the states prove themselves to maintain a democracy with consistency. The blacks may not run for office because they are still being educated and we must not punish the South. We are simply trying to keep the nation intact. But we have promised the slaves that their shackles would be broken, and broken we must keep them.(yes, but how will you protect them against the violence and discrimination that they will face from white people?)
In regards to voting rights and state officials, all possess the right to vote. However, not all possess the ability to hold office. Confederates and blacks alike are denied the right to hold office(ex-Confederates will become angry if they are on the same level as blacks in not being able to hold office. this may create more tension in the South). However, after a generation, confederate’s children will attain the right to hold state office(maybe too late?). Therefore, confederate veterans will never hold office(they fought for what they stood for, why be punished?), and the office holding privilege will be retained upon the bearing of children. Blacks gain the right to vote for state and federal legislature. Confederate veterans retain their rights to vote for state and federal officers.


For the confederate states to be remitted back into the Union there are a number of measures they must adhere to. They must first of all ratify the 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments to our constitution to deal the final and finishing blow to slavery.(this will be extremely difficult) They also must consent to a Union army occupation of the South for 5 years to maintain peace and ensure that harsher actions must not be taken against violent ex-confederates(the southerners could easily feel threatened by this and rebel against the Union; we do not want another civil war because the south is feeling as if their freedoms are being taken). Finally, all of the ex confederates must relinquish their positions in state governments to competent candidates who will be selected and put in place by the Union to ensure a Southern political relapse does not take place.

To restore the Southern economy, one that was so desperately dependant on slavery is a tough task. To create jobs and encourage commerce, various public works projects will be initiated to clean up the mess which the war left in its path. A key aspect of them will be to rebuild all of the destroyed/damaged railroads and also to create a Southern Transcontinental railroad to mirror the one in the North. Along with the public works, legislation aimed to industrialize and modernize the South will be put through congress to transform their old world agricultural economy into one which is prepared for the future.(how will all of this be paid for?, what will be done with the plantations and how easily will the southerners agree with such drastic changes in their ways of life?)
The south will be occupied by federal troops. Troops will enter a state upon compliance with the re-entry guidelines and the statehood being recognized in the house of congress. The federal troops are stationed in the south to enforce any federal law which the state legislature dismisses and does not enforce. If all laws are being enforced by the state, federal troops will be removed upon the five year anniversary of their arrival. If the states legislature does not enforce federal law, troops will act to enforce the unenforced law.(will they physically help rebuild the south?, they must not restrict the citizens too much, for they may rebel against them)


The primary goal of reconstruction is to reunite the Union and safeguard our nation against future conflict. We will mend the broken, modernize the obsolete, and consolidate the fragile. By the end of reconstruction we will have a stable nation in which North and South exists only in geographical terms.(what about the issues concerning race? will people still be divided in those terms?)

Good plan, but many substantial ideas are stated that may be very hard to full fill because of the issues concerning blacks and whites. Also money is not largely present after a war, so many of he rebuilding plans seem improbable. Otherwise, very intellectual plan.