Function Function What's Your Reconstruction: Lexi, Matt, Evan, and Chandler

Intro: At “Function Function What’s Your Reconstruction” we believe in the reconstruction and unification of the Union while at the same time, pleasing the north, the south, and every group in between. We know that complete and uniform happiness cannot be achieved, however in every aspect of our plan we will address each side. We are planning on taking action by introducing new taxes to recover from the war efforts and increasing police force in both north and south. By addressing every topic and doing all we can to please each side, we hope to eventually achieve unification of the country while maintaining a solid infrastructure.

Our plan for treasonous generals and leaders of the Confederacy is a public trial. These trials will be presided over by the Supreme Court of the United States in Washington D.C. Like normal cases, every defendant has the right to an attorney and is assumed innocent until proven otherwise. Though only officers earning the title of General and political leaders directly responsible for the secession of southern states will be considered for trial. The Union believes this is the best course for persons suspected of treason and ensures political and social stability in the country. At the same time there is a point where information is skewed and soldiers are simply following orders, and the Government recognized this distinction. All cases of treason will be treated unbiased and with extreme care.
I agree that it is important to recognize and punish the crimes of the ex-Confederates. However, will this massive string of trials be funded? Will it primarily be funded by taxes, as stated in the thesis? And will these trials not anger Southerners and hinder the reunification of the nation? What punishments do the ex-Confederates face?

The Union’s plan for reconstruction also calls for the reformation of the Freedmen’s Bureau. At first glance the Bureau appears to be well written, sound legislature that satisfies newly freed slaves’ economic and educational necessities. But under closer examination the Bureau has proved—while strong in areas like education—to be unhelpful and counterproductive with repeated accounts of embezzlement of land and funds. Congress is working towards a reformed Bureau the will better suit the Black community’s needs. Keeping up with unsatisfactory legislation, the “Black Codes” will face a full repeal. They are deemed unconstitutional and targeted specifically to oppress Freedmen’s rights.
To better deal with this problem of social instability a police force will be established in areas of high crime North and South. We believe these forces will do an improved job in protection the safety of all American citizens.
I like the idea of reforming the Bureau to help freedmen start their new life. Economic and educational opportunities will be extremely helpful to freedmen who have had very little experience with freedom and independence in their lives. If freedmen are educated, it will provide so many more opportunities for them to support themselves financially. Will all of this be funded by taxes? With the cost of the trials, the new Bureau and the war debts, this will have to be a pretty good sized tax. Will it be only in the North, South, or bothy? How will the north be taxed without them feeling like they are having to pay for the mistakes of the South?

We believe that all U.S. citizens, North and South, should have the right to vote, but the citizens of the U.S. under trial for high crimes such as treason should not be able to run for office. We want to include the South in voting and congressional terms because they are U.S. citizens and need to be represented as such. Though we do not want citizens being held for high treason in office because it is not in the best interest of the nation nor the safety of its people. How can people who are committing treason against their country have the best interest of the country in mind? We have no intention of excluding the South in this plan, but keeping consensus with the whole countryreconstruction-function-debriefing-2010-2011.jpg to keep another war from occurring.
I agree with keeping any citizen under trial for treason out of government, no matter if they are from the North or South. I think this would definitely unify the country by not just condemning Southern lawbreakers and, therefore, making the already pretty upset southerners even more offended. But, what about the freedmen or the Union soldiers in the South? What would their role in government be? Would they have one, or would they even be able to vote at all?

We trust in Lincoln’s original “10 Percent Plan” that each state, to be reintegrated into the Union, must have 10 percent of the vote count take an oath of allegiance to the U.S. and pledge to abide by emancipation. We think this is a good plan so as to not make the reintegration process laborious for the southern state and keep tensions low. In addition to the 10 Percent Plan, the states must also ratify the 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments. We believe they must carry out these acts to keep the nation as a whole. In accordance to the Union army’s techniques of warfare, General Sherman will be making a public apology for any civilian lives that were disturbed, harmed, or displaced and to make amends for economical destruction.
Not making the reentry process laborious for the South is definitely something I agree with, too. And, I also believe that an apology from Sherman would be appropriate. A simple gesture of friendship between the North and South would definitely go a long way in reconstruction!

We realize how strong the south’s hatred is, a combination of bitterness from losing the war and disgust at Sherman’s pillaging in Georgia. In order to attempt to repair this relationship between the north and the south, we propose to enable taxes on certain businesses and products. Obviously we don’t want to anger any part of the nation in any way with these taxes, so we made them as painless as possible. We will tax alcohol, tobacco and prostitution. Since these are all widely used, they will bring in steady revenue, which will go directly to rebuilding the country- both north and south. Although this may create an uproar, smoking, drinking and prostitution are all bad habits, so while reconstructing the country, we’re also promoting good practice.
I think that taxing alcohol, tobacco, and prostitution will not be very effective. First it will anger a lot of Southerners who purchase those goods (although I am not exactly sure how a prostitution tax would that is a service not a purchase...). Second, putting a tax on tabacco would really hurt the Southerners who grow tobacco as a crop. It perhaps would be hurting more than the tax would actually be helping. Thirdly, this will cause anger among the Northerners who will believe that the South is the cause for the tax.

As we have previously stated, we believe in the rights of the blacks. Therefore, we are strongly opposed to any terrorism again them. We are advocates against the KKK and everything they stand for. All known KKK members will be arrested and imprisoned. In order to stop this reign of terror, police forces will be present at all times of the night across the nation. We want all citizens to feel safe, so any victims of terror are encouraged to come to the police and report these crimes. No one should have to live in fear.
The KKK was a secret society, which means that their members were unknown. Police forces at night would be helpful, except for the fact that the South is so dispersed that the amount of man power required to protect the citizens would be ridiculous. The Southerners would also be outraged by the amount of Union soldiers still in the South, practically babysitting them. Also, how long would this last? Additionally, going to the police would create a system where the only people looking out for the freedmen are the union soldiers, not the southern police forces themselves. Once the soldiers leave, I think the system will collapse and violence would reappear.

Conclusion: Throughout our plan we have addressed both sides and attempted to please both as much as possible. We hope to one day achieve unification and reconstruction. Our plan will bring the country a good economy, take care of the KKK, and provide a safe, solid foundation for our citizens to live on. The execution of this plan will reunite the country in a way it wasn’t even before the Civil War.