Group EMT: Taylor, Emily, and Matt

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1) What is the primary goal of reconstruction? Reunification, punishment, civil rights, other?

With the end of the civil war, came many new questions that needed to be answered. One such question is what to do with the south. We could focus on punishment, which could leave a bad relationship between the north and the south perhaps ending in a second civil war, we could try to reunify with the south making the country stronger but leaving no black civil rights, or we could focus our efforts on following our constitution that “all men are created equally” and enforce black civil rights which will be a roadblock to reunification with the white south. What we have come to decide upon is to set our primary focus on reunification with the south while keeping a secondary focus on very slowly incorporating black civil rights into the new nation.

FIrst of all good job on all of your answers I am here to critique your work no offense. First off if you were trying to reunite the north and the south you wouldnt need to worry about blacks to start off. Black rights are already given to them since they are now free men but it doesnt change much in the south. Whites control everything in the south if you make a big deal out of Black Rights and try and offer it back to them by passing laws southerners will pay no attention to them. Their morals are what is controlling and telling them what to do and say. What you need to do is not focus on the rights of blacks but on the stabilization of south and make sure that nothing like the civil war happens again. First rebuild everything damaged in the south then several years later you should start trying to incorporate specific laws preventing segregation or hate crimes like lynching. You need to mend the relationship in America not do something that could separate them further.

2) What should be done to the ex-Confederates?
The confederacy was a dream that was short lived and non-victorious. With the creation of the nation came openings for new leaders such as president and vice president. It also came with the need for many army generals and lieutenants. Although to the south, these leaders of a failed revolution are heroes, they need to be treated like everyone else, if the south wants to rejoin. We plan to put to trial as many of these confederate leaders as possible for treason. Our main plan of action to get the most efficient outcome will be to start an investigation. We would send our best to find enough evidence to put these leaders to justice; we also plan to have their trial in a federal court. We hope to simply use these leaders to make a point: the confederacy is the past and that the UNITED states are our future.

No we do not need to punish any of these rebellion officers or leaders. Anything we do to them will only make the south more angry and more likely to break away again. Prior to the Civil War the North and the South never had a unified relationship. In Congress the North would vote with the North and the South with the South. We need to embrace the fact that our country was very seperated geographically and were really like several little countries. We need to forget the past and move on no punishment should be necessary for the leaders. We dont need to focus on the Ex confederates but on making the relationship better between the northern states and the southern ones. If we convict the leaders and punish them it will bring the south to hate the north even more than they already do.

3) What should be done for the freedmen?
The freedman have a right to our assistance, for they have endured the monstrosity that is slavery and being shunned by their fellow neighbors. We propose that the Freedmen’s Bureau be extended to five years and then reassessed to evaluate the effect it has made on the community. If voting rates increase as we expect (do to increased literacy) then the Bureau will be reinstated for however many years as seen necessary. The Homestead Act will also be in order so as provide land for them to restart their lives on , helping these brave men and women get back on their feet. Hopefully in time, through gentle introduction, the freedman will have no reason to fear their fellow citizens. They will be able to voice their opinions in the voting booths just like every other man, and be able to own a home for themselves and their families.

4) Who should be able to vote and hold office in the new Southern state governments?
The new Southern states are in an impressionable position, that fact can not afford to be taken lightly. Though all peoples will be able to vote, seeing that every man has a right to having his voice heard, restrictions in other places of government will be made. Confederate officers convicted or not will not be able to hold office in the new state governments. This regulation will be put into place as a precautionary, a revengeful confederate is not in the country’s benefit and reunification will be severally injured if something of that nature were to happen, especially when in such a delicate place.

Every man should be able to vote which I agree with you on and on the confederate officials should not be able to run. Blacks will have a lot of difficulty due to voting pressure and intimidation to vote one way or the other. It should be advised for blacks not to run for office in the south for their own safety but if they are willing to put their life at risk they have the right to run for office. in order to prevent intimidation from whites on blacks their should be separate voting stations on opposite sides of town for blacks and whites and each voting poll should be patrolled by union troops. No corruption should be allowed to happen

5) What requirements must be met before states regain full rights and representation?
To make this nation whole once more, it needs it’s Southern brethren, but at the same time the country must be protected. Lincoln’s views of an easy reunification are the correct view point, the south should not be abused into submission nor be mocked nor just let right on back in. They need to prove that they are adamant about reestablishment into the union, a 51% majority should be adequate in establishing this. This is a more respectful proposal where the southerners can still keep their dignity and not be made into fools, but insuring that they are ready to reenter the union with us not against us.

No i disagree with the 51% i believe it needs to be at least 75 % to 80 % due to the fact that if barely half of the south wants to rejoin the union and the other half does not. the South should not be forced into doing anything. THis is a delicate process of reconstruction. The government needs to do everything possible not to anger the southern states.

6) How should the Southern economy be restored?
The issue now facing the rebuilding the southern economy is possibly one of the more difficult tasks of our reconstruction proposal. During the war what little railroad systems they had were destroyed, thus interrupting trade. Whilst this served a purpose for us during the conflict there is no further need to cripple their lifelines further. I propose the establishment of government backed workers unions to help rebuild what was destroyed as well as create new railways throughout the south. The work of these unions would not stop there. Due to Sherman’s march several major Cities including Atlanta and Savannah were burnt to the ground. These unions would help in a relief effort to assist in the reconstruction. The benefits of the unions do not simply stop at the improvement of infrastructure. They also put money in the pockets of the workers themselves thus allowing the congested markets to finally start to flow with trade. The importance of this issue cannot be overlooked. Without a fixed economy in the south the entire country would not be able to function.

Without slavery the south is now forced to find another method of making money. Farming should still be the souths focus no worker unions are needed because blacks looking for work will need jobs and new jobs should be created. New workers should now be payed to work in the fields and new smaller farms along with sharecroppers will begin to rebuild the economy. The only way the southern economy is going to be rebuilt is if payed workers replace slaves. I agree with the rebuilding of the railroad system and I also believe the north needs to help in every major southern city and give monetary support where needed.

7) What role should Union troops play in policing, governing, or rebuilding the South?
With the defeat of the south and the installment of new, some would say, controversial laws, it is imperative that we enforce them. It is an issue of how that raises questions. There is a simple solution. All we need to do is occupy the territory. This measure will only be on a temporary basis, however. Once the state has been readmitted into the union by the proper means previously discussed the majority of the occupying forces will be withdrawn. The remaining soldiers stationed there will act as a sort of security force. They will guard places of voting and government buildings as to make sure no harm shall befall anyone inside. This will ensure that freedman and northern government officials are protected. After a five year period post readmission there will be a report gathered on the area to see if it is safe enough for the soldiers to be withdrawn. This will allow for a safe and secure life for all inhabitants of the south.

8) Re-state the primary goal of reconstruction.
The United States is just that, UNITED, and we plan to keep it that way. With the south already being sour about losing the war, we need to first and foremost make them part of the States, and in all help them to recover. We also plan secondly to not forget our actions in the war, freeing slaves in particular. We plan to be a small spark in lighting the fire of black civil rights, and our spark is simply making it become socially acceptable that blacks aren’t servants. With these actions we hope to make The United States a country that is United, Free, and Filled to the Brim with pride for the country not for the section.