California Girls: Brianna, Eric, Henry, and Dana

CALIFORNIA GIRLS: Our plan is Unforgettable!!!!

1. Thesis

=====1. With the daunting task of reconstruction before us, our committee has decided to enact a unique conservative plan that will reintegrate North and South, Democrat and Republican, white and black. Any radical action will provoke violence, so to ease the Union into a new epoch our group has decided to enact the Integration Acts. The Integration Acts will outlaw slavery in the United Sates (13th amendment) and establish a reintegration time table. Although slavery will be outlawed our committee finds it hazardous to give Freedmen full and equal rights in a society that has always had racial segregation. That is why the Integration Acts will have a timetable giving slowly giving African Americans their civil rights.


Civil Right
No employment discrimination
Access to all public serves and Buildings without discrimination or segregation, (schools, bathrooms, banks, post offices, transportation)
Access to all privet services a buildings without discrimination or segregation,
(restaurants, businesses, transportation)
Serve on juries
Right to vote
Right to run for office
Federal Troops withdrawal from Southern States
On July 4th 1898 when the time table expires the 14 and 15 amendments will automatically be ratified.
( I think that the timetable is very smart and will help to integrate non- racist feelings into the american society in a very successful way)

2. What should be done with the ex-Confederates?

A plan of leniency is certainly best when it comes to dealing with the ex-Confederate soldiers. Killing them or punishing them would only enrage the South that their "fine gentlemen" were being abused for standing up for their homeland. However, it will only be bad for the country if the high-ranking Confederate officers were allowed to hold office or positions of leadership in their community. Allowing this would undermine the case for unity and cause more sectional division in the United States. Therefore I propose that the ex-Confederates will not be tried for their war crimes or have their estates foreclosed upon, but that they be not allowed to hold any office ranking higher than President of the Boy's and Girl's Club.
(I believe that that is very smart not to punish the ex- confederate leaders so that they will not be enraged, of course there will be animosity towards the inability to hold a position in government for those men, but it is a good plan)

3. What should be done for the freedmen?

Our situation as it is will not allow for the sudden complete emancipation of former slaves. The freedmen need a gradual integration into society and their full civil rights. According to the time table we have encoded for your enlightenment, every few years a new black civil right will be enforced. Although the Union was victorious in the war, the south will not allow for the immediate emancipation of slaves; therefore, we propose a premeditated segregation of blacks and whites in the south. A sturdy Freedmen’s Bureau shall be concocted, educating Negros in arithmetic and English, and preparing those who do not already know with the farming skills needed to feed themselves and their families. They will be provided with 8 acres of land in the west and seeds with which to grow their own food. In this way, the freedmen will eventually gain the rights they deserve, while the south does not become angered at too great an alteration to their culture.
(But do the freedman feel like they have endured enough for freedom? will they feel as if they fought for nothing when they do not receive immediate emancipation?)

4. Who should be able to vote and hold office in the new Southern state governments?

Any whites who did not serve in a position of authority in the Confederate army (top 20% of leadership) may hold office in the new governments. However, colored people will not be allowed to hold office until 1896, as per the Integration Acts.

(Good idea- I like the timeline and the way that is spaced out. Smart way to put the information.)

5. What requirements should be met before states regain full rights and representation?

The so called “Confederacy”, a collection of states claiming to have seceded from the United States, cannot be received back into our arms without adhering to several new adjustments. Several requirements must be met by the Southern states who wish to be under the protection of the Union once again; these include the ratification of the 13th amendment that states that slavery is illegal and the signing to an agreement that eventually implements the 14th and 15th amendment; this agreement shall run in accordance with the time table plan. In addition to the requirements for being readmitted into the Union, the representation of the states shall exclude former high ranking Confederate officers. The immediate acceptance of a state rejoining the Union will be followed by the gradual necessitated acceptance of black civil rights laws.
(How are you going to make sure that the passage/ enforcement of the black civil rights laws will be upheld? Make sure that the representative put into government in South are of unbiased/ little bias opinions. Other than adding those details, good point).

6. How Should the Southern Economy be restored?

IIf our Country is to heal, the Southern Economy must be restored to its former glory. To speed reconstruction we propose a four pronged attack with as little Federal spending as possible to ensure lower taxes. To reestablish the lower and middle classes of the South, the government will be awarding 8 acre parcels to low income families (Where is this land coming from?). The second part of the new stimulus plan will be the new two federal bureaus; the Freedman’s bureau and the Farmer’s Bureau. Both these bureaus will provided education in arithmetic, English, and farming, while also providing seeds.(How will the spread of the schools/ the making sure children go to the schools happen? South is rural at the time and it may be difficult to get to the schools/ keep children in schools). The third prong will be a Southern railroad connecting Charleston to Louisiana with tributaries running through all the Southern states. This Railroad will help stimulate economic growth and trade for farmers like the Erie Canal did in the North. The fourth and final action will be to provide tax cuts for businesses that employ freedmen. This system targeted at the Southern Economy will help the once powerful agricultural South grow.

7. What role should Union troops play in policing, governing, or rebuilding the South?

There will be no radical changes as mentioned before. We intend on implementing slow, modifications regarding the issue of Union troops stationed in the south. Quite clearly this is causing much controversy therefore we have established a time table regarding our plan as one can see on the right. First and foremost the troops will begin re-building bridges, libraries, public offices, homes etc. While simultaneously re-establishing the southern ruins, the federal army will also aid in the fight against violent white-supremacist groups, like the Ku Klux Klan for example. If the southerners prove trust-worthy and cooperate non-violently, then we shall slowly but surely withdraw our troops. However, if there are any rebellious outbursts of violence among our southern brethren, then indubitably troops will be sent back to re-enforce peace. (I like the idea of slowly bringing change, the South will not be used to such radical change and there could be rebellion)

8. Re-Statement of Thesis

Our plan is straightforward. We will, with our Union troops behind us, and our hopes held high, set out to rebuild the south. While re-establishing what was once destroyed, we will enforce Integration Acts with the help of our time table so as to not cause too much controversy. If at any time the southerners show immoral behavior and revert back to their prejudice and violent ways, we will be forced to keep our troops there. We have faith in this plan and in our southern brethren. We have faith that African Americans will ultimately be accepted and welcomed.(Primary goal of reconstruction could be more clear)