1. Our great country has fought through thick and thin to become the country it is today; a country that was built for the people and by the people. We believe that it should stay this way. We have been through a great war; a war that tore this country into two; and it is time to become a country united, the United States of America (beautifully woven together). In order to do this we must leave behind antebellum ideals that every man is not created equal. We must create and ensure the rights of each and every citizen; every man shall be free. It is the way this country was built to be, and it is the way this country shall remain to be for now and forever more. (How will ensuring every mans freedom reunite the country?) ( So, is the south just

supposed to all of a sudden change their minds without any resistance and leave their "ideals" behind?)(Southerners are intensely racist and probably won't feel the same way about reunification that you do... they want to keep the Southern part of the country the same as it's always been.. I like your optimism, but it's not going to be easy.)


To take care of the ex- Confederates of our great nation, and of the rebel nation, we must educate them on the history of our fellow citizens (that was exactly my idea as well, great minds think alike. Perhaps a little more specific such as who will teach, where will it be taught, and how exactly will morals be impregnated into history. In my project I choose to focus on the children of the upcoming generation and to expose photography and reveal first hand experience of the cruelties of slavery as shock therapy to the adults), not , the African- Americans (This is a great idea, however what will happen if people of the confederate Civil War generation do not wish to be "educated" and if they are educated despite their opposition, who is to say they will listen? Perhaps the younger generation would be an easier target?)(How can you ensure that the rebels will be willing to learn about blacks? As the person before me stated, who is to say they will listen?) We must educate the ex- Confederates on the history of the blacks and expose them to the integration of the African- Americans into the American society ( I like this idea a lot, but is it really likely that the ex confederates will change their views on African Americans after opressing them for so long? WHAT ARE YOUR METHODS OF DISCIPLINE WHEN THE EX-CONFEDERATES PUT UP A RESISTANCE TO THIS "BRAINWASHING"?(will educating them really make them respect the black man as an equal? And what kind of 'education' are you referring to?). For these people have been involved in our country since the dawn of America, they are equals with every other citizen of our great country. In doing so, we hope to instill a more accepting and less racist nation. (Will such education be required? if so how will this be enforced?)(I like this idea alot alot alot, but the Southerners were very narrow-minded.. I'm sure they won't care about the history of African Americans. All they know is that blacks have been slaves since.. forever & that's the way they want to keep it.)

3. These freedmen shall immediately be treated as equals to every citizen of the United States. They should be seen as equals, and forever shall be. Immediately we will be instilling laws that will give rights to these freedmen just as every other citizen. (Equal rights immediately implemented would lead to much controversy and violent outbreaks...exactly what you do not wish to have. A timetable of some sort would probably be best). Laws will also be made and enforced on the mistreatment of freedmen in our society. Every man will be seen as an equal this day forward (What're the details of these laws?). HAVE YOU CONSIDERED THE WHITE MEN IN THE AREA AND THEIR REACTIONS AND FEELINGS TOWARD THEIR "INFERIORS"?(So, can freedmen vote? And if so, what will be done about organizations such as the KKK?) ( It is very likely that there will be heavy resistance from the KKK, how do you plan to handle this? The reaction I would say, would be very violent. Perhaps it is too much too soon?) (Agreed, might be too much too soon. It might be a better idea to ease into it gradually, since it is a very new concept.)

4. Rusfus-Blaire-Sarah-Revised.jpgRepresentatives in general should be men who represent the voice of the
state and their region; a man who will carry out what is needed and what is best for his state in an educated and levelheaded manner. Therefore, the representatives from the South shall be men who are not ex- confederate leaders nor ex- slaves, (earlier you stated that freed men will have the same rights as everyone else- isn't this contradicting your earlier statement?) as that would cause much controversy. Instead, we shall elect unbiased men who are willing to compromise and hold no grudges against other adversities. (who dicides whether or not an elected officail is unbias?) (But is denying the right to hold office "equal" for the freedmen?) ( Is there really anyone who isn't biased? And how is it that you previosly stated that the ex slaves would be "equal" when they are certainly not if they can't vote) Who is unbiased? A Northerner or Southerner would surely have a point of view concerning the Civil War.) BY PLANNING ON LETTING A PERSON WHO ISN'T A SOUTHERNER HOLD OFFICE, YOU ARE JUST GOING TO REPEAT HISTORY (They said it all.)
5. The states need to set up an education system that educates the ex- Confederates and the youth on the history of African Americans. The law enforcement of the state needs to enforce laws and show they are not biased against the freedmen. The representatives need to be unbiased men who are willing to compromise and hold no grudges against other diversities. The states also need to get 25% of the population of each state to swear allegiance to the Union, in order to ensure another uprising does not occur again; similar to Lincoln’s ten percent plan except it needs to be a little bit stronger. This is a bit vague. And how will you find unbiased men?(How can you be sure that they really are "swearing" allegiance to the Union?

The Southern economy and the Northern economies need to be tied together in order for them both to prosper without upsetting the other. Big companies need to go into the South and invest in the restoration of the economy. What is the incentive for doing this? As of now, a majority of the labor in the south is uneducated, and there are no factories or Southerners willing to work with Northerners. HOW ARE COMPANIES GOING TO INVEST IN NEW COMPANIES IN THE SOUTH WHEN THERE ISN'T ANY MONEY? (big economies from the North? I don't think the South would be cool with that, they already hate the carpetbaggers and scalawags). The South’s economy should be restored as fully as possible, now that the South is part of the Union once more. (With what money? And what methods would you use to restore the economy?) Both the North and the South need each other in order to be a cohesive and successful nation. The freedmen are an issue of concern, because now that they are free citizens, they have no homes, no money, and no jobs. The North needs to give something, whether it be money or land to the freedmen so they can become integrated into society. (Will this "something" be funded from government or chairity? If by government, then how long will we offer slave pension plans?)

The Union troops should play a small role, but a trivial one. They should police the Southerners into not violating the rights given to the freedmen (How much power do they have on this front? Can they arrest offenders, or just report problems?). ( Who will be overseeing them, what are their limits, will they be informed on what they can and cannot do)?They should make sure that the only representatives in the South who are voted into office are representatives who are willing to unify the nation (Shouldn't the representatives voted into office also promise to uphold the rights of the freedmen?) I believe that the troops need to help in the rebuilding of the South. That part of the country is in bad shape and desperately needs help. Manual labor is what will occupy their time, but as far as governing the South. I believe they should be given the freedom to govern themselves. (If a post slave owning community is to govern themselves, how can we expect such a government to uphold the rights of ex slaves?) The Union troops will serve an important role but need to understand that the South is equal to the North, now that the Civil War is over, it is time that we become united.


We believe that the primary goal of Reconstruction is to ensure civil rights. This country was built to be a nation where, no matter what religion or race you are, you can come to the United States and get equal treatment. Our own Constitution states that every man deserves equal treatment. The United States, until Reconstruction, was ignorant of how blacks were being treated now that the war has passed it is time we change that. Although blacks received most of the bad treatment, we need to carry this idea to all people, Irish, Chinese, Jews, etc. It is time America make another big change in their short history and show kindess and equal opportunity to all foreign peoples. Appropriate. Good thesis. Nice conclusion. Great conclusion! (I applaud your attempt at focusing on education. That is the only real answer to the problem because it strikes at the root of the conflict rather than the effects)

Blair, Rufus,(I love your name by the way, awesome.) and Sarah

(Hey, I'm Lauren, and your plan sounds really great, but a bit too idealistic to actually be enforced. Also, just wondering, what are you guys going to do about the KKK and other white supremacist groups?)
I admire with the highest esteem your prioritizing of civil liberties above all things. Even more so I am very happy about your black education plan. Few people recognize such as the root of the racism problem. Where i did not comment I agree with you, So well done base batters. welll done.
- Kevin Kunes
(This is Maddie of Freud Chicken. Sounds like an overall good plan! It just needs a few more specific plans to solidify the ideas, such as the points raised by Lauren, Kevin, and myself.)

Eric Birdsall

Lauren Sahli - Red & Black

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Dana Beuttler


Joanna Chavez
Overall, your plan is for the most part a good one, but some sections could be explained more intricately. I liked that one very important aspect to your plan was education.

Chandler Gerard-Reimer :)