Banana Pancakes
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What is the primary goal of reconstruction? Reunification, punishment, civil rights, other? (Thesis)
A truly American point of view is that there are no such things as no-win situations. Team Banana Pancakes however, believes that the reuniting the North and the South and establishing civil rights for all cannot coexist in perfect harmony – at least, not immediately after the Civil War. Despite fiery tension and strongly opposing viewpoints, both Northerners and Southerners must come to a consensus. Reunification is the first and foremost goal of this reconstruction plan. We consider reunification the most important element to implement during reconstruction because it will create a united nation again, a nation that will address the remaining pressing issues (such as civil rights) the years following reconstruction. Though this plan intends to make as fair of a compromise with the South as deemed reasonable, the South must come to terms with the fact that “the Southern way of life” will be completely altered. To do this, several changes will be put into action. In order to establish a “Re-united States” it is only fair that we aid the South in rebuilding their economy and overall morale to relinquish any and all resentment for the North victors. In addition, this reconstruction plan will offer assistance to the freedmen, but will avoid black suffrage at the present again, to avoid Southern resentment and to develop a speedy reconstruction process.
It is our intention that all involved in this Reconstruction will “win” at one point or another, whether it takes a few years or a few decades in order to do so.
What should be done to the ex-Confederates?
Looking upon the events of this terrible war, it is not only a matter of what to do with the ex-Confederates but certain Union officers as well. Both sides are responsible for the pain, bloodshed, and loss brought about by the war. High-ranking Confederate officers will be investigated as well as high-ranking Union officers for war atrocities. In this way, Northern and Southern peoples will be treated equally. So they will simply be investigated? What about running for office? What about voting? If they are in office they will make biased decisions, but if they are not, it will cause rebellion.
What should be done for the freedmen?
African Americans are no longer slaves, but freedmen, and as freedmen, they deserve to become citizens of the United States. In inheriting citizenship, freedmen now possess civil rights enabling them to be treated and tried as equals, however, they will not be granted the right to vote nor will they be able to run for a governmental position as of yet. The 13th amendment enforces the disposal of slavery and the 14th amendment will enable freedmen to have citizenship and the privileges (with the exception of voting/running for office) it provides. How long until they are able to vote or run in elections? If they are freedmen, they should be able to easily have all of the rights that every other citizen of the South has. In this new life as a freedmen, they should be aided out by the Freedmen Bureau, which will provide education, food, clothing, and medicine to the freedmen.
Who should be able to vote and hold office in the new Southern state governments?banana-pancakes-debriefing-2010-2011.jpg
African Americans, although citizens, are new citizens and should have time to adjust to their new position. Therefore they are not receiving suffrage, which also means that they will not be able to hold office in the new Southern state governments. The 15th amendment shall be put aside momentarily. But all citizens, except African Americans, and ex-Confederates will be able to vote and hold office. Ex-Confederates may only run if have already been trialed and committed to the Union. If the African Americans are prevented from voting and holding office, won't it seem to the Confederates that they are the victors? How long until the African Americans can vote and hold office?
What requirements must be met before states regain full rights and representation?
Reunification will take some promises and some change. Abraham Lincoln’s 10% Plan was meant to be flexible and adjustable; therefore it is only to be changed slightly and to compromise between moderates and radicals. States shall regain full rights and representation as long as 25% of the population swears an oath of allegiance to the Union. In doing this, their state is now able to have a voice for its people through selected representatives voted in. 25% will be the minimum acceptability. States never truly seceded, but reassurance of their allegiance to the Union will help bandage up the government. What about the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments? Will they be ratified? 25% is still the minority, so how will you make sure the other 75% doesn't take control?
How should the Southern economy be restored?
Prior to the war, the Southern economy depended on its slave labor to work the fields in order to distribute products (such as cotton and tobacco) and bring their slave masters wealth. With the emancipation of slaves and an end to the fighting, the Southern economy is in dire need of intervention. What makes the Northern economy successful is the fact that it is extremely industrial, teeming with factories, workers, and labor. Having been a dominantly agrarian community for years, the South would thrive in a more diversified economy if it were to establish some factories and businesses in major Southern cities (such as Atlanta, Georgia), which would ultimately help rebuild the economy. This would bring the South a new source of income as well as a plethora of job openings for those who are unemployed due to the war's end. As for freed slaves, the freedmen have very limited options. Among these are returning to their former masters and working for pay, assisting in war cleanup, or competing with white Southerners for new job opportunities.
What role should Union troops play in policing, governing, or rebuilding the South?
Another job source for Southerners would be policing/governing its citizens. This means that Union troops will not be stationed to watch over the South at all times, but will be able to monitor the Southern police's actions, should there be any large-scale uprisings. Ex-Confederate officers, however, will not be permitted to hold any police positions as to avoid as many resistances as possible. Wouldn't the Southern police be a little biased and turn a blind eye at the violence that's occurring? How do you make sure groups like the KKK don't take action?
Restate the primary goal of reconstruction. (Conclusion)
The nation was torn apart, and after much damage, it is time for reunification for a better future. Reconstruction will be brought by reunification, a long, difficult process that will eventually be accomplished. It is time to overcome our difference and become a truly UNITED States. It is time to accept some losses and take up compromise. In accordance to our name, the nation was banana split, becoming a severely bruised banana during the brutal Civil War. Now is the time to repair, reunify, and become an even better nation, a new and improved banana, using the broken pieces to become banana pancakes!